One of the most common reasons that make potential investors skip on an ICO is documentation that doesn’t have the right structure or perspective. The most crucial step to keep a potential investor interested once he finds a new ICO, is to make him realize what the ICO is all about in terms of value proposition, target market and current pain points of the industry.

However, the end goal of the ICO documentation is not only to raise interest but also to convince your potential investor. To do that you should ensure having the documentation produced with the structure and perspective. In this post you can find best practices and guidelines on what areas your ICO documentation should cover. As the first best practice we recommend:

Writing supplementary documentation in addition to whitepaper

Typical whitepapers are anywhere between 20-50 pages long, but it’s possible you are simply unable to fit everything about your ICO in without the document becoming an exhausting reading experience. A good way to deal with this issue would be producing separate documents, such as one-pager or pitch deck for pitching the project, technical paper to cover the non-business side of the project. This way your potential investors can discover quickly whatever aspect of the project they are interested in.

Designing the landing page from marketing point of view

Your ICO website acts as the landing page for the product your selling, which in this case is the investment in your ICO. The landing page is sort of a public salesman for your project, as your potential investors will get their first impression of the project by evaluating the landing page. The key point is to design the landing page to be user-friendly, to include they key information about your project in an appealing way and to allow quick and easy access to the rest of the ICO marketing materials and documentation, such as whitepaper, one-pager and presentation.

Ask a 3rd party to review your ICO marketing materials

Once you have all the details covered in your documentation and everything seems good to go regarding publishing, there is one an important step to prevent possible shortcomings in the fundraising. That is getting your materials reviewed by a 3rd party. The reason you should do this is simple: you’ve probably spent so many hours producing the materials that it’s hard to spot any potential red flags, spelling mistakes or other type of flaws as you’ve become blind to the produced documents. This happens all the time to teams in various businesses where there are multimedia or text being produced for a long time. After all, you want to avoid wasting any marketing budget, and by getting your ICO materials reviewed you will have taken an important step towards that.