When first hearing about an ICO, the most common thing is every ICO investor does is to google the ICO name and check whether they can find the ICO website and reviews or listings on credible ICO listing websites. This is the reason your ICO website acts as your “public face” for the potential investors, as it’s usually the first thing linked to your project the investor comes across. The potential investor will form an initial opinion during the first few seconds when landing on your website, and therefore it is vital to get it right before designing the ICO marketing materials any further. After all, what good is a perfect whitepaper, if your ICO website makes potential investors turn away and not bother even checking it?

In case of ICOs, the answer is in the details

Every little detail on the ICO website affects the first impression: how strong and harmonious are the colours used, does the layout look modern and designed by a professional, which fonts and font sizes have been used, what kind of structure is used for presenting the information, how quickly is social proof brought up etc. There are so many factors affecting the first impression that it’s best to leave the website design for a professional marketing agency specialised in ICOs, unless you are a marketing professional and have a great deal of experience reviewing and investing in ICOs yourself.

After the first impression is formed in ICO investor’s mind, the process of further evaluating your ICO continues by looking at a specific set of key facts and figures, which investors in the crypto space value the most in their decision-making process of whether to invest in your ICO or not. A single warning sign in the eyes of the investor regarding these facts and figures could result in a no-go investment decision, and hence it’s essential for your ICO to get these right. Even before looking at the key figures and factors, besides your website also your whitepaper should appear compelling first and convincing second, not the other way round. In case you have all the facts right but your whitepaper looks and feels awful, it is extremely hard to convince the investor once his initial opinion has already been formed.

Why your potential investors are not able to make a decision

Somewhat surprisingly one of the most common roadblocks for investors is not being able to find key figures and therefore not being able to invest. They are simply not able to make an informed decision as they don’t have all the information quickly available. If you are not sure what the standard set of figures and facts are, you can check them in our post ‘Key figures checklist every top ICO whitepaper must cover’