"As an ICO investor, one of my biggest fears is putting my money into an ICO that looks good on the surface but eventually turns out not be a serious project or an outright scam. Because this has already happened to me a few times in the past, I now pay extra attention to all they key figures and facts when doing my due diligence regarding new projects, so that I can make well-informed investment decisions. If there is even a single red flag in the ICO materials, it’s basically a no-go for me."

I'd like you to meet James Coleman.

He loves learning about new blockchain projects and ICOs that have the potential to disrupt entire industries, and of course to make high returns by investing in them.

He's not, however, a newbie in the crypto scene.

James is only looking for ICOs that meet his investment criteria.

If you are:

  • Unsure about whether your ICOs materials will get past investor’s selection criteria...
  • Struggling to convert website visitors into investors...
  • Or simply afraid your marketing budget might be wasted...

… Then take a few minutes to read my Q&A with James below:

Question 1: Has your investment criteria changed since you began investing in ICOs?

‘’Frankly it has changed quite a lot! There was a lot of hype in 2017 and I used to put my money into many projects with just a whitepaper and website, no matter if they had a proper business plan or working product. Nowadays I’m only investing if the ICO has an all-star team, real business potential and proper mechanisms in tokenomics that make the token appreciation go up long-term. Their materials also have to be top-notch with no missing information.’’

Question 2: Are there common mistakes you see ICOs making?

‘’There are many obvious things that I stay away from like Telegram full of bots and fake team profiles on LinkedIn, but the most common mistake is actually not providing key information that I need to evaluate my investment potential. For example, I’ve seen many otherwise viable projects that don’t have any info on unsold tokens or token allocation, which makes it impossible for me to calculate the valuation of the project, therefore I’m forced to skip on investing in it.‘’

Question 3: If you had to give short piece of advice to ICOs running their token sales in 2019, what would you say?

‘’Be extremely transparent about your project in all your communications, and show us investors how the project is going to make profit long-term and explain the factors that make your token a valuable investment are in great depth.’’

Thanks again, James!

Now you might be wondering, how to make sure your ICO meets the standards of James and other ICO investors like him?

What are all the key figures you need to cover to make sure you don’t lose James’s investment when he reviews your ICO?  

How do you know you’ve covered everything, and there hasn’t been any blind spots where your materials might not meet the standards of James?

The truth is, most ICOs don’t get past James’s investment criteria and therefore end up failing to attract investors like him.

You don’t want that to happen to your ICO do you?

That’s where our ICO Marketing Material Audit comes into picture. Here's how it works:

  • Step 1: Our experienced ICO analyst team audits everything that investors look at when evaluating whether to invest into an ICO or not (the investor selection criteria of James and other ICO investors like him)
  • Step 2: Based on these findings we make actionable and justified recommendations to help ICOs convert more visitors into investors.
  • Step 3. We compile all the recommendations into a 20-30 page audit report for you and jump into a 2-3 hour consultation meeting with you to discuss and strategize about the findings and best way to move forward.

Simply put, the ICO Marketing Material Audit helps you convert more visitors into actual investors and minimize wasted marketing budget.

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Please not that space is limited as we only have capacity to perform the rigorous auditing process with one ICO per week.

Here's what our previous customers are saying about the audit:


Pascal Lauria Chief Executive Officer @ CoinAnalyst

"I loved the insights the Top ICO List analysts brought to us. We ended up pausing the ICO until we had fixed all their improvement suggestions, because we felt like they would have such a big impact on the overall success of the ICO.

I can honestly recommend getting audited to all ICOs.

These guys will go through ALL the materials and find anything that might be sucking away investments and bring you actionable suggestions to fix them.

Highly recommended!"




Walter Schleschitz Chief Marketing Officer @ GrapeVine

"The audit showed the analysts had really looked into the Grapevine ICO from all angles - it was 23 pages long!

I appreciated they took the time to jump into a call with me to go through and clarify all their recommendations. They proved to have a full understanding of all ICO related topics and I agreed with all their recommendations. We are in the process of implementing them now.

Grapevine highly recommends Top ICO List to any ICO who’s serious about not wasting marketing budget.

You guys really rock and proof the combination of professionalism, business, kindness, courtesy and respect."




Anton Dunaev Chief Business Developer Officer CINDX

"The team was impressed with the thorough analysis of our project from TopICOList. Apart from the general guidance for ICOs, it has included the approximate expectations of our project in the market, which helped us understand the sections that needed greater attention and effort.  

We certainly recommend TopICOlist's auditing services. The team is extremely friendly and professional at the same time. They look into the project within the framework of the market situation and provide justified feedback and recommendations for improvement.  

Thanks again, guys! You rock!"


Read more about the CINDX audit on Medium



Mark Lloyd Managing Director Dominium

"Top ICO list was an absolute pleasure to work with and they provided a full audit on our ITO website and documentation within the agreed timeframe.

Their recommendations were detailed and provided good insights into some of the changes that would benefit our ITO.

We would highly recommend working with them."


Read more about the Dominium audit on Medium



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