Audit Process outline


Step 1. Evaluation

Our experienced ICO analyst team audits all the publicly available materials. Everything that investors look at when evaluating whether to invest into an ICO or not.


Step 2. Recommendations

We'll take notes to create actionable and justifiable recommendations to help you convert more visitors into investors.


Step 3. Consultation

All the recommendations are compiled into a 20-30 page audit report and we'll jump into a 2-3 hour consultation meeting with you to discuss and strategize about our findings and recommendations.


Step 4. Implementation

Implement improvements, have a more attractive ICO from an investors perspective and raise more money.


Benefits of addressing potential weaknesses

Save Money

Eliminate wasted marketing budget

Increase Conversions

Get more visitors to convert into actual investors

Be your best

Be the best ICO you can be with the help of a neutral 3rd party

The ability for icos to meet fundraising goals is declining

Investors have started to demand more from ICOs

Investors have started demanding more from initial coin offerings. In 2017 things were easier. ICOs could simply put together an average whitepaper and a website with an anonymous team and still be able to raise millions. But because many of the ICOs turned out to be scams or weak projects investors lost their money and smartened up. Investors have started demanding more, we can help you meet these demands.

Why your ICO investment is going to zero

Ninety percent of projects with funds raised via ICOs reached fund raising goals in June 2017, compared with 25% in November 2017

Is It Too Late To Make Your Fortune In Cryptocurrency ICOs?

The ability for ICOs to meet fund raising goals is declining and all of this simply means that ICOs are fighting for attention and everything needs to be top notch if you want to compete.

What clients are saying about the ICO audit?

Justified feedback & Recommendations

"The team was impressed with the thorough analysis of our project from BullRunFactory. Apart from the general guidance for ICOs, it has included the approximate expectations of our project in the market, which helped us understand the sections that needed greater attention and effort.

We certainly recommend BullRunFactory's auditing services. The team is extremely friendly and professional at the same time. They look into the project within the framework of the market situation and provide justified feedback and recommendations for improvement.

Thanks again, guys!"

Read more about the CINDX audit on Medium

Good Insights!

"BullRunFactory was an absolute pleasure to work with and they provided a full audit on our ITO website and documentation within the agreed timeframe.

Their recommendations were detailed and provided good insights into some of the changes that would benefit our ITO.

We would highly recommend working with them."

Highly recommended!

"I loved the insights the Top ICO List analysts brought to us. We ended up pausing the ICO until we had fixed all their improvement suggestions, because we felt like they would have such a big impact on the overall success of the ICO.

I can honestly recommend getting audited to all ICOs.

These guys will go through ALL the materials and find anything that might be sucking away investments and bring you actionable suggestions to fix them"
CoinAnalyst sold out their pre sale in 9 days after launching. They raised $1,000,000.

Pascal lauria
Chief executive officer
Full understanding of ICO related topics

"The audit showed the analysts had really looked into the Grapevine ICO from all angles - It was 23 pages long!

I appricate they took the time to jump into a call with me to go through and clarify all their recommendations. They proved to have a full understanding of all ICO related topics and I agreed with their recommendations. We are in the process of implementing them now.

Grapevine highly recommends BullRunFactory to any ICO who's serious about not wasting marketing budget!

You guys really rock and proof the combination of professionalism, business, kindness, courtesy and respect."

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ICO Audit


First impressions audit
Whitepaper audit
Website audit
Team and advisors audit
Token and tokenomics audit
Team and advisors audit
2-3 hour consultation meeting
20-30 page audit report
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