How we can help you define your strategy


Step 1. Baseline assesment

A baseline assessment of what's been already done, what's planned, what the available resources are need to be understood before creating a holistic ico marketing strategy.


Step 2. Audit potential weaknesses

Address ICO materials and their weaknesses to increase conversions and eliminate wasted marketing spend.


Step 3. Conversion rate optimization

Create a crystal clear value proposition that explains what the project is about and what it's benefits are for investors. Add prominent 'call-to-action' buttons, optimize signup steps and create nurturing email campaigns to encourage investors to invest even if they didn't straight away.


Step 4. Drive investor traffic

Drive quality investor traffic from Facebook, crypto display networks, press releases, ICO listing websites and crypto related websites such as etherscan and bitcoin talk.


Benefits of a solid ICO marketing strategy

Save Money

Eliminate wasted marketing budget by addressing ICO weaknesses and optimizing for conversions

Increase Conversions

Get more visitors to convert into actual investors by optimizing for it

Hit your goals

50% of ICOs fail to even raise 100k in (Q1 2018)

Are you ready?

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